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Online Zoom Parties are not currently available.



Celebrate your special day online with  your friends and enjoy The Scientific Bubble Show


Marty McBubble's Online Children's Parties are great for Birthday celebrations, as well as for any occasion where children and families would like a fun way to catch up with their friends. 


"The kids loved the bubbles, and being able to see each other again!"

Katrina, Parent, Adelaide

Marty will host the whole ZOOM party for you. Along with the child's parent he will welcome guests onto the Zoom Platform and help them with any technical issues. Friends and family anywhere in the world can attend the party, as long as they have an internet connection and a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


Marty's Scientific Bubble Show will be broadcast live into all of your guest's houses from his performance studio in Adelaide, South Australia. And his incredible bubble creations will be broadcast in 1080p High Definition video.

"It was awesome!"

"Lynn, Illinois, USA

And even though Marty presents his show from afar, his show is highly interactive. Marty will converse with the whole group, and with individual children during the show, as he demonstrates the incredible science, wonder and fun of bubbles. 


My daughter loved her party and kept saying how amazing Marty McBubble was! She was laughing, bouncing up and down on her seat and wanting to answer the questions during the whole performance.

Kaye, Parent, Ohio USA

As well as being able to speak directly to Marty, and ask or answer questions, children will also be able to use the chat feature to message their friends or Marty. 


As always Marty's show will be filled with amazing bubble creations like bubble cubes, caterpillars, merry-go rounds, volcanos, rainbows, bubble rockets, giant bubbles, bubble tornados, and much much more. And Marty has plenty of great gags to go along with his bubbles that are sure to keep everyone laughing!

"Our daughter absolutely loved it!

As did the guests and both sets of grandparents. Marty has made her day very special, despite being in isolation."

Lyndsay, Parent, Canberra

And for Birthday Parties, Marty and the child's parent will co-ordinate the birthday cake lighting and singing of Happy Birthday. Guests are asked to also have a mini cake with one candle ready, and when all of these candles are burning together on the Zoom screen it looks amazing, and is a very special moment for the birthday child.


Marty will then link the child's parent up with each guest family individually so you can speak to each other and say any thankyous and well wishes. Often the party will finish up at that point, but Marty can extend the party if the host family and guests would like to stay connected and chat for longer. 

Marty takes all possible steps to ensure his Zoom parties are secure, and that only invited people can join the party. He also sends out the Zoom link only one hour before the party commencement time for this reason. 

Marty McBubble was FANTASTIC! It was so hard for my son, not being able to see his friends, but this was such a wonderfully interactive experience which made him feel just so special. All his mates loved it too! Jess, Parent, Sydney

Marty (aka Graeme Denton) has current Working with Children Checks, Childsafe Policy and Public Liability Insurance. He also takes all measures to ensure children stay safe whilst online - including the requirement that a parent is present with each child attending the Online Zoom Party.

"The most professional  bubble show I have seen!"


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World Record Bubble

Did you know that in 2017 Marty McBubble broke the World Record for the largest bubble ever made indoors?

Click PLAY to see how he did it.

For pricing and more information about online parties please email or phone Marty.

Preferred payment method is by direct debit if in Australia, or by PayPal invoice if outside of Australia 


or phone

8353 0575 / 0407 816 059


Performances also available for theatres, schools, preschools and OSHC.

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